Crud Roadracer Mk2

A quick look at the new Crud Roadracer Mk2 mud guards – designed to offer full mudguard coverage for race bikes with no mudguard eyelets.

RRP £29.99

Best web price £24.99

Last year I decided to trade up my duff winter training bike that had full mudguards for a nice shiny titanium Litespeed Siena. The Siena was to be used for the same purpose, winter/training, however it didn’t have any mudguard eyelets. I had already decided I wouyld be fine with SKS raceblades so I got a set, used them about 3 times and realised they were hopeless. They provided virtually no coverage, were a bugger to fit and made a racket.

At around the same time I was dejectedly removing my Race Blades, Crud revealed the Road Racer. The answer to my prayers!

The Mk1s were aimed at those people who wanted some coverage on their fancy race bikes (or just had one bike with no mudguard eyelets) so I ordered a set and fitted them rather sharpish, much better! They were easy to fit and provided better coverage than the Race Blades. However they weren’t perfect. They didn’t provide enough coverage behind to count as a full mudguard. Not a problem for me riding alone but when my club stipulates mudguards on wet group rides they didn’t really count, no one wanted my wheel as they still got covered in crap. As did my legs and the drivetrain due to the fact that the rear mudguard stopped someway short of the seat tube.

These issues were universally recognised by friends and forumites, some of whom tried makeshift solutions. Importantly though, Crud took note.

Cue the Mk2 Road Racers!

Easily fit on most race bikes

The Mk 2s offer full coverage at the rear and have been strengthened in key areas, particularly around the brake bridge. One big improvement is the addition of a cowl that protects the front derailleur and drive train.

I got them fitted and found them just as easy as the Mk1s, Crud have added some little pads to help protect the frame and forks. Right, time for the first ride and I didn’t have to wait long for the right conditions to test them in!

First ride – just over 2 hours in a torrent.

It started chucking it down 5 mins into the ride and didn’t stop. The latter half of the ride included some narrow, muddy country lanes so perfect for trying them out.

I thought the Mk1s were good but these raise the bar significantly, the drivetrain remained clean as did my legs. They are as good as the full mudguards I used to run on my old winter bike.

Stops the front getting all covered in gunk.

Time to try the extra coverage on a group ride…

There were approximately 15 of us, the weather was promising when we started so I was actually quite miffed but the heavens soon opened. The ride took in all the peaks had to offer, all sorts of crap and mud adorned the lanes including freshly laid cow shite. Not one complaint from behind all day. Some very poorly maintained roads put the secureness of the guards to the test and again they passed with flying colours. I checked all the bolts at the end of the ride and all remained tight. Furthermore the guards had remained firmly in place, no rubbing!

Full coverage assists those riding behind.

The biggest test was the tremendous 76 mile CycleStore Sportive in the Peak district. Some of the smaller roads were smothered in mud and gravel. Guess what? No problems. The front guard got a bit caked between the guard and the tyre but this was easily cleared and is a problem for any mudguard.
Furthermore, they were barely noticeable throughout the 5hrs 30 mins ride, needing no adjusting, any rattling or deficiencies would have driven me mad over that length of time.

They get a full NapD official Seal of Awesomeness!


~ by Alex Taylor on August 31, 2010.

6 Responses to “Crud Roadracer Mk2”

  1. Nice bike! I think I might get some Crud Roadracer for my bike build project too.

  2. Thanks for the excellent review – most helpful. (Whilst I’m about it, thanks also for all the useful and helpful stuff on the BR forums.)

  3. Thanks for a good review.

    I have found it impossible to fit the older model of crud roadracer under the rear brake bridge and under the front fork of my bike. Has the new mkII model improved in this area?

    • I don’t know, not least because I never had a problem fitting either Mk1 or Mk2… You need at least 4mm clearance (preferably 5) under the fork/brake bridge to get them to fit. Easy to test using an allen key of said size. Some bikes don’t have this clearance, Planet X and some Specialized models spring to mind.

  4. nice writeup…i’m located in usa, (san francisco area) and i’ve recently installed the mk2 fenders (mudguards)…winter is finally here…they are excellent in every way…with regard to the clearance issues…i have a 56cm trek 5200 carbon and the rear brake to tire was tight…i made a slight adjustment by filing down some of the extra plastic (on top), between the tie strap and where the front extender mounts…this allowed enough clearance for the fender to fix perfectly and did not effect the integrity…i also needed to cut the rear fender (cowl front extender), to allow my derailleur cable to come through, in order to function properly…i simply put the fender in place, marked the cable line and then cut the marked line with a small hacksaw…these were the only two mods that make these fenders fit great…the fact that you can even make these mods is impressive from a design standpoint…i’ve got over 250 miles so far, in varied weather, terrain and speeds…with no issues…you can’t really tell they are on, so i’ll keep them on all winter, or maybe forever!…enjoy your rainy day rides, or as i now like to say…”get your crud on!” or “are you covered with crud?”

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