Shutt Pro Bib Shorts revisited

I think NapD hit the nail on the head with his comments about Shutt’s top of line shorts. I had, coincidentally, ordered a pair the same day as his had arrived.

I’ve been using a pair of Rapha’s team issue bib’s for the last 12 months (I’m a big fan of Rapha) and found them to be very comfortable and hard wearing. After a few thousand miles they show no signs of wear or deterioration whatsoever.  Rapha’s team bib shorts, therefore, are my benchmark here….

The thing that led me to buy the Shutt’s was the claimed quality for the price (£79). I’ve bought a few pairs of cheaper shorts from other brands that have been poor, to say the least, so for the extra few pounds required I placed my order for a medium sized pair.

I’m 5’8”, 36” chest and 30” waist and the fit is fantastic. The Pro bib’s shorter leg is easily noticeable (perhaps 40mm shorter than the Rapha’s) and the fit is comfy all round. The other major differences are: the shoulder straps are marginally longer, the chamois is made from a denser, thicker material than Cytech’s chamois and the shorts are made from a slightly heavier weight lycra material.

The first time I used the shorts was for the one-day induction at Manchester Velodrome, potentially a stupid move having never worn them before (and without any chamois cream). The induction takes place over 5 hours with an interval of one hour, the icing on the cake being the indoor temperature of 30°C!

The best word to use to describe my sweltering 5 hours in Shutt’s Pro bib is faultless. I didn’t give any thought at all to the shorts or saddle comfort during my track marathon. No adjustment or pulling to get the shorts into place or any comfort issues whatsoever.

Shutt’s Pro bib quality was reassured to me on Friday afternoon during another high temperature ride, this time on the road. Again they were worn for 4 hours and just short of 60 hilly miles, the performance was, once more, fantastic.  No complaints, just compliments.

Following a few weeks substantial use of Shutt’s shorts I’ve realised they are a serious contender against already popular brands used by NapD and myself. To take the garment on function alone, without consideration to cost at all, Shutt’s shorts are the best I have used to date. To add the massive price difference in the cost of these shorts, compared to Rapha or Assos, it really is a no brainer as to which brand and model of shorts I’ll be buying next – Shutt.

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~ by spanielsson on June 6, 2010.

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