New pretender to the Bibshorts throne.

Shutt VR Pro Bibshorts


Thats not me modelling them by the way...

First review here, and first up are these offerings from the cheery folk in Yorkshire…

I’ll make no bones about it, I am a big fan of Assos shorts. I love the cut, the material, the pad and the appearance. I don’t like the price. I have a pair of Uno S5 (about 120 quid) and F1 Mille S5 (about 150 quid).

They just work. They are the shorts I routinely reach for when I’m going out on a ride, I’m always disappointed when both pairs are still in the wash and have to make do with ‘lesser shorts’. I’m always on the lookout for something that can do the job of the Assos shorts for a lot less cash. I have offerings from Gore, Giordana, Specialized, Nalini, Pearl Izumi and Castelli. All good. Just, well, not as good as my Assos shorts.

I was hoping the Shutt VR Pro bibshorts would fit the bill…

Upon arrival of the shorts I was initially impressed, the seams and pad were very well stitched and the material was of an excellent quality. Packaging not as fancy though, no box with wash bag, washing liquid, sample of chamois cream and telephone directory sized catalogue. It was, well, a plastic bag. Not even a sample of Haribo! For the record I’m 6’2″ and weigh 87.5kg, I opted for the ‘large’ size.

Cue the trying on…

Height wise they are perfect for me, they feel bob on when leant forward in the ‘riding position’ but they are quite tight, not for the faint hearted. I would describe the sizing as ‘aspirational’… However, since my new nutrition regime the weight is falling off so this should just encourage me to keep following the plan! The material appears to have some sort of brushed sheen to it, the shape the seams follow looks good, yet you can’t feel them on your (enormous) quads.

The straps feel good (probably better than my Assos shorts) as they are nice and wide and oooh, lovely and soft. There is a mesh panel around the kidney area to allow, I assume, a bit of cooling to go on.The legs are held in place with little silicone blobs which are far better than tight elastic and are barely noticeable, which is a good thing indeed.Their style is classic and subtle, just a small logo on the right leg which I like, but they would work well with the Euro Gimp look, the Retro Hipster ‘Can’t come out, I’m reading issue 13 of Rouleur today’ look and the, erm, normal look. They will, in fact, go with anything, I suppose the cycling equivalent of the little black dress…

My favourite bit about the aesthetic, however, is the short cut of the leg. Being a tart I like the fact that I will get a proper tan in these as opposed to the ‘just above the knee’ I’m used to, which tended to make me look even more of a tool in summer when wearing shorts. I’ll never bring myself to wear a sleeveless cycling vest though for fear of looking like a TriBore… Ever. Furthermore they pleasantly reveal the monster quads you’ve been beasting yourself all winter to obtain…

I have ridden in these several times now and I am more than happy with their performance. They really aren’t that far off my Assos shorts in terms of on bike comfort. It’s very close indeed on a ride of a couple of hours or so.There are a couple of things the Assos shorts do better, the pad is slightly more comfortable (ever so slightly though) and they seem to keep me a little cooler, possibly as the front of the Shutts is a little higher with no mesh (particularly compared to the F1 Milles). This high front can make it quite interesting when you need a quick leak. You have to adopt the same position you do when when you were a kid and you were, erm, ‘excited’ (Or so I’m told!) Heh heh, it’s not a problem in the least though really as I find that with most bibshorts. I don’t think the Assos shorts  look as good as the Shutts though…

They are also nearly twice the price of the Shutts.

That last sentence is rather important…

Verdict – Well, what do you think? They are freakin’ ace! When the time comes that my Assos tights are so worn you can see my backside, I’ll be buying more of these. Quality stuff.

Cheers, NapD


~ by Alex Taylor on May 31, 2010.

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